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We have two parks of stocking wood, one in the harbour zone of Douala and the other outside the harbour. 

StockageThese parks are equipped with suitable machines to charge, discharge, store and arrange wood in containers for export. Consequently, we are able to ensure the loading or unloading 20 containers of logs and 5 containers of sawings per day.

The park located out of the harbour zone is moreover equipped with machines and equipment facilitating dimensioning of wood to be exported. The phytosanitary treatment and the fumigation of wood are also performed in respect with phytosanitary norms and of fumigation in force.








Our wood available

Forestry holding assistance

We exploit wood coming from forests certified by production, and export logs  and sawings offering considerable warranties in terms of marking, quality and respect of the environment.

International trade of wood

We are present as much on the local market  as in export for us our main products which are the logs and sawings. 
With a capacity of 2000 m³ per month, our wood comes on the one hand from our own forests, and on the other hand local from producers approved, which enables us to answer effectively and within the time limits at the request of the market.


Setting in free on board of wood to export

Having the export licences and quotas for many exportable wood of cameroon, we ensure all the services of setting in free on board relating to the activities of wood export, through a dynamic team having made its proof in the domain, which makes of carre point wood sarl one of the largest and more efficient companies in the sector of setting in free on board of wood to export in cameroon.

Our partners

Why us

CARRE POINT WOOD (CPW) Sarl,holding, trade and setting in Free On Board Company of tropical wood based in Douala (Cameroon), grew to become one of the largest forest companies in Cameroon,



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